One of the Brightest Flashlights in the World - the Vector Power on Board SLH100P HID Spotlight
Brightest Flashlight in the World for Under $300
The Vector Power on Board HID Spotlight has
3,500 lumens producing a brilliant white light with
6,000 Kelvin.  This flashlight is marketed also
under the Black and Decker banner and is one of
the top 5 brightest flashlights we've been able to
find anywhere in the world.

With a 70 minute runtime after a two hour charge,
this flashlight is hard to beat especially at this price.

The Polarion has 5,200 lumens, but sells for well
over $2,000.

Group 5 Engineering claims their HB-1 has 5,600
lumens, however at a $3,000 price tag, one can
see why the featured Vector SLH100P featured
above is a great buy.

Tight focused beam due to the design of the bulb's
reflector so you can see even farther than other
flashlights with the same lumens.

70 minutes of runtime so you can do well over an
hour of worry free searching.

Charges in about 2 hours due to this light's
sophisticated state of the art circuitry, so you use it
again with it's rapid rate built in recharger.

Can not overcharge, so you don't have to worry
about unplugging it like it's competitors.

Built in adjustable stand so you can set it  and
forget it, leaving both your hands free.

The 35 watt metal halide HID bulb is filament free
so you can be a little rough with the flashlight
without worrying about breaking the filament.

Come with A/C charger for the wall outlet in your
home or your car's D/C accessory plugin (cigarette
lighter), so you'll never have to go out of your way
to recharge it.

The high intensity discharge (HID) bulb produces
6000K of brilliant white light.  The daylight quality
of the light makes discerning objects in the dark
much easier.  Halogen lights have a yellow tinge to
their color.

Comes with adjustable shoulder strap for easy tote
while on long searches.

The HID bulb blasts out at full light output until it's
out of power.  You won't have to watch your
flashlight dimming as the charge wanes.

The HID bulb runs cooler, whiter and more
efficiently than halogen bulbs do, therefore giving
you more safety without fear of starting a fire.

This light is so bright and focused, it can blind an
intruder giving you weapon like power.

The weaknesses of the flashlight are:  a couple of
the lights arrive and won't take a charge.  To fix
this, all you do is remove two screws on the back
of the flashlight then twist the back off, reconnect
the lead to the battery that has fallen off in
shipping.  It's a 3 minute fix.

Secondly, the light is on the heavy side, so use the
shoulder strap if it feels heavy after long uses or
put it on it's built in adjustable stand.

One comment was that the light seems to be a
very tight beam pattern.  For the most part, that's
true.  It's more of a search light/ spotlight than a
wide floodlight, but the advantage is that it
illuminates objects in the distance much better
than even more expensive flashlights.
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