Holly Mann
Holly Mann, at 20 years old served the Army as journalist, photographer
& had been updating a military website using FrontPage.  While at Ft.
Hood, she incurred an injury to her foot and had an operation to fix it, but
after the surgery, they determined she wouldn't be able to wear the
required standard issue black boots, so she was honorably discharged.  
She immediately took a civilian job delivering packages in Baghdad, Iraq
about 6 months after the Gulf War started.  In Holly's words,
November 22, 2003, I was working for DHL at Baghdad airport. I saw
one of our cargo planes take off as usual (to fly to Bahrain, our hub) and
then people started yelling that they saw smoke coming off of the engine
of the plane. My coworkers and I stood below as the plane crashed down
a couple of miles from where we were at. There were four Belgian pilots
flying, and they were all shaken up, but not hurt thankfully. It was a scary
day. I went over to the crash site late and saw the damage that was
done. It was the first plane to be shot down during the war. It was hit with
a surface-to-air missile. Months later, while I was at work someone from
a news station brought over a DVD which had full coverage of the
terrorists in the act of shooting down our plane. It was the most horrific,
sickening thing I have ever seen. It’s also sick that the news people were
there with the terrorists filming it all, knowing what was happening.”

Instead of returning to the United States like most might expect, Holly  
went to Thailand, a place she treasured.  She had lived there when she
was 16 on a student exchange program sponsored by the Rotary Club.   
Holly shares,
“I was the first person in my family to ever visit Thailand.
Prior to going on the exchange overseas, I filled out a form to choose
countries I wanted to visit – in order from one to ten. My top choice was
Zimbabwe, then South Africa, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, etc. I
originally was told I’d be going to Zimbabwe and I was thrilled and
began learning Swahili. A week before departing, I was called by the
rotary club to inform me that I’d be going to Thailand. I was shocked, but
I’m glad that happened. It was the best experience of my life.”

Holly moved to Thailand... “After I decided to leave Iraq, I went straight to
Thailand. I heard that northern Thailand was beautiful and decided to
take a bus there. I was at the bus station and a stranger started talking to
me about a place he planned to visit, called Pai. It was a rural, beautiful
village situated in the mountains near the golden triangle. It was full of
culture, surrounded by at least four different hill tribes. I rented a small
one bedroom house in a Burmese village of poor farmers, outside of the
town of Pai. My son’s father was my neighbor. I first met him through his
sister, Nuu. She became like a best friend to me. She was a little
Burmese girl about 7 years old whose parents worked constantly. She
couldn’t go to school because she was not Thai and I spent time with
her every day. I got to know her family and her brother through her. Lots
of things changed between Josh’s father and I so we eventually broke up
and went our separate ways.”

With a child on the way, Holly decided to return to her home state,
Wisconsin, & move in with her brother to cut expenses.  While there,
Holly was web surfing on eBay & noticed that people were selling pre-
made websites for prices higher than she could believe.  She was
convinced a person without much skill was using Microsoft FrontPage to
create these.  She showed them to her brother & they both agreed they
could do the same or better, so they did.  They sold these generic sites
on eBay to loan officers who were hoping to get more mortgage leads
from the Internet. Others saw what Holly & her brother were doing &
copied them, so eventually her $900 a month income from this new
enterprise was starting to take a dive.  Developing, selling & servicing
this business had taken many hours; in fact, it was like a job, only she
did have the luxury of working at home in her pajamas.  She was
becoming aware of even better online money making opportunities, so
she charged forward with more research & more online work.

While selling the mortgage lead-generating websites, she knew that
people would need a hosting service as well to make these sites visible
online, so she formed an affiliate relationship with Wild West Domains &
started getting a cut for promoting & selling this hosting service too.  She
noticed it was a lot easier to up-sell another needed service after they
had bought from her the first time, because they trusted her more & she
knew their needs.  Now knowing that some companies offered a piece
of the action if she drove Internet traffic to their site & they purchased
something, Holly started looking for other companies offering an affiliate
marketing program.  She started a site where she recommended
several different web hosting services & a list of some to avoid.  The site
also included several articles filled with free information on web hosting
tips.  Her Internet marketing strategies were developing rapidly.  Now
understanding to rank well on the search engines, she’d need more
relevant content on her websites, so she added those articles naturally
loaded with keywords that people typed when using a search engine like
Google.com or Yahoo.com.   More content with relevant keywords meant
more searches would lead to her sites.  With more traffic, came more
sales.  Her sites were designed so if anyone clicked on her
recommended services & ultimately bought something, she’d make
more & more money from her online business.  Holly Mann decided to
concentrate on affiliate marketing.  You don't even have to have a product
or website to jump into affiliate marketing.

One affiliate marketing program she promoted was the omnipresent,     
“I’m Better than You- the Rich Jerk’s Guide to Making Money Online.”  
She did well promoting the book, but soon, aspects of the Rich Jerk’s
Internet marketing strategies became uncomfortable to her.  She
reflected that it was not a good fit for beginners.  Like the websites she
saw others selling on eBay, she thought, “I could write a better book than
this and I think I will!”

Her brother went a different direction & started promoting online
gambling & was succeeding to the point of making over $10,000 a
month with this business model.  Holly reflects,
“My brother’s name is
Kerry Mann. He is 26 years old. He has always enjoyed gambling,
playing online poker and Texas Hold ‘em. When I was pregnant I
temporarily stayed at his house to live with him and his wife (who was
also pregnant, two months behind me). At that time, my brother began
gambling online full time. He did not call it gambling though – he called it
a “skill.”  He became very experienced in Texas Hold ‘em and I also
began playing then. We played in huge tournaments and Heads-Up
games that he won quite often. He started tracking all his games and
keeping records of his percentage of wins over losses. He was doing
pretty well. He then wrote an ebook guide and provided access to
software that he had created and used to manage all the statistics. The
guide was selling out every day and he was making about 12K in profits
from the ebook, along with his own winnings from gambling.

Holly gave birth to an adorable baby named Joshua Tyler Mann on
January 16th of 2005. Holly yearned to be independent as cabin fever
was setting in, but she did not have much money saved to create good
options.  She even daydreamed of becoming a survivalist, moving to a
remote area with her baby just living off the land.  This actually was
surprisingly viable, since she had been studying survival skills for quite
some time in addition to her military survival training.  It was the kind of
training where you parachute from a plane & end up in the jungle with a
canteen & knife.  Like MacGyver, if you gave Holly a paperclip, she just
might save the world. She knew it was time for her to get established on
her own two feet, or should we say, four feet with little Josh in tow.

Holly Mann had been working for money since she was 14 years old &
had always been driven to be self sufficient.  Once, as a little girl, her
brother yelled from two stories below, “if you jump, I’ll give you this
dollar.”  She did, but instead of giving her the dollar, he ran to tell their
mother what a crazy thing she just did.  She never got that dollar.  Maybe
she learned that life was not fair & that it was better if you had control of
your own money.  Independence is a principle of Holly’s character.

Why yet another move to Thailand?  Holly,
“I love the food, the people
(who are very funny, easy-going and always smiling), the culture and
living in the mountains.”
 She reasoned with nothing to loose &
everything to gain, why not?

Holly sold whatever she had, so that she and Josh could make the move
to Thailand.  She even had to sell her prized Sony VAIO laptop, leaving
her without a computer as she packed their bags.  To an Internet
marketer, this would have been impossible to give up, but Holly had a
dream.  She knew this was only temporary.  Once in Thailand, she could
squeak by on the $700 a month disability check if she had to as a safety
net.  That would have been extremely difficult to do in the United States.  
The Dollar goes a lot farther in Thailand.

Next thing one knew, Holly Mann was on a plane with baby Josh & they
were headed to a new beginning.  As that long flight over the Atlantic
settled in with it’s hypnotic rushing sound, Holly held Josh closely & her
thoughts drifted to plans of their new home in Thailand.  Holly could
already imagine the details of the first apartment they’d live in while she
was writing her ebook.  It would be simple, but very clean.  She
determined that she was going to get a computer & remain a full time
mom & part time Internet marketer.  She committed 4 months of writing
& product launch promotion. She knew to use guerrilla marketing
techniques that were free, but effective, since her funds were limited.  
The ebook would help the complete beginner or the intermediate
Internet marketer become successful & eliminate some of the financial
stress in their lives.  Even Internet marketing veterans would have a few

The flight was long & Holly tried everything she could think of to make it
easier for Josh, but Josh was miserable.  After a nearly 24 hour flight, it
was welcome relief when the jet’s tires went bump on the ground in

Before long, they had their new apartment & it was time to get a
computer.  She worked with locals to find various parts to construct her
first computer.  Finally, she got her computer made from random parts
costing her about $250.  Now it was time to get an Internet connection.  
All her apartment offered was a dialup connection that was on a party
line.  For those under 30 years old, that’s a phone line that is shared by
two or more residences to save resources.  It was common in rural
areas of America in the 50s & 60s.  The challenge was that only one
household could use the phone at a time.  This was a nightmare for an
Internet marketer accustomed to high speed access & a better
computer, but it did not matter because Holly had work to do; there was
little to be gained by complaining.  She worked at keeping Joshua
healthy because he had already been through bouts of colic leaving him
crying & making it difficult for mommy to get any work done.

Finally, she got her book completed & rushed to get it online, but often
while uploading her web pages; her neighbors would pick up the phone
to make a call forcing Holly to lose her Internet connection.  She would
have to start all over again.  This was enough to drive one nuts.  It often
took over an hour to make an update because the modem was only
giving her 14 kbps.  This would drive many an affiliate marketer to drink.

She did it!  
Holly Mann launched her ebook & it was an immediate
success to the tune of $12,000 in profits during the first month.  This is
what she dreamed about & now it had become a reality.  Her story was
appealing and her ideas started making a difference in people’s lives as
they followed her step by step instructions.  Holly's ebook sold for a mere
$29, so it was within the reach of even those who were broke.  Her
booked was named:  “Breakthrough Money Making Secrets Revealed.”

Holly started receiving thank you letters from all over the world filled with
praise of how easy it was to follow & how her system was making them
money.  Many joined her forum for support & continuing education.  Holly
worked hard at answering emails & staying active on her forum, so that
people wouldn’t just buy the book & never implement the strategies.  
People of all ages wrote to her to tell her of their challenges, both past &
present.  Folks with disabilities opened up & considered Holly a trusted
advisor & mentor.  Single moms felt a special kinship with her even
though they’d never met her.  Holly’s decision to just be herself was
proving to be the right one.  She intuitively knew that people were burned
out on all the hype & get rich scams being bandied about the Internet.  
People were looking for something real they could relate to and found
just that in Holly.

Most find Holly unpretentious, and always willing to help as much as she
can.  Having opened herself up to so much exposure to the public,
sometimes when she faces challenges on the home front, for instance,
Josh being sick; then, it can be a struggle to keep up with the all the
“It used to take one to two hours to reply to all the emails total. My
son goes to daycare for 4 or 5 hours a day and that would take up so
much time. I recently switched my mail management to Mozilla
Thunderbird and it has cut the time by 3/4s of what it used to take me to
answer emails. All of my mail messages get filtered into specific folders
now and the junk is filtered out as well.”
  Her forum has ingeniously
been a big help in this area, because as she has mentored others, now
they help answer questions & give advice 24 hours a day on her forum.  
One finds the atmosphere there supportive unlike some other forums
which are simply used to tear others down while they hide behind the
anonymity of the Internet.  When you sign on to the forum, there always
seems to be a group of 5 to 15 there with you.

Holly has moved to a better apartment & has a DSL connection.  She got
her son’s babysitter to use her name as a citizen of Thailand in order to
get the service connected.  She has replaced that $250 computer with
that whirring sound that made you think it was going to go up in smoke
at any moment with a better computer; so, she’s much happier now with
the improvements.  Holly's new computer is another Sony VAIO that
looks like a media center.

With no plans to move back to the United States, Holly truly loves
Thailand.  Relatives are always asking her to return to America so they
can see her and how much Josh has grown, so she will make that
transatlantic flight from time to time.

Not able to run for exercise since her foot operation, Holly has immersed
herself in an advanced form of stretching to keep in shape.  She is an
avid contortionist & often stays in touch with others that share this
passion.  Some of the positions she gets her body into, makes one hurt
just to watch.

Now that Holly has created a strong royalty income online, her plans are
to continue living in Thailand & develop more virtual business ideas.  At
the same time, she wants to help as many people as she can by
coaching them how to create a profitable work at home Internet
business.  She’s put romance on the back burner to focus on raising
Josh & creating a solid future for him.  One day buying a house in
Thailand would the realization of a dream.  She says it’s difficult to buy a
house there if you’re not a citizen, but Holly will figure out a way; count on
it.  She dreams of having horses, but doesn’t think it would be feasible in
Thailand since it gets sweltering hot.  Volunteering her time working in
an orphanage is something Holly feels called to do.  Her mother &
stepfather have already followed her to Thailand and are doing just that.  
Mom buzzes over on her small motorcycle called a Honda Dream, the
most popular means of transportation in Northern Thailand (a very
reliable 100 cc, 4 stroke with 8 bhp).  Her mom lives just 15 minutes
away.  Small motorcycles are very common in Thailand.  The riders zip
in and out of traffic fearlessly.

Holly reaches out to the public to help them overcome their financial
struggles with sincere wholesomeness, but it’s tempered with a bright
intellect, tough mental resolve & a willingness to follow through with
work till the project is completed.  

Holly remembers a difficult childhood while growing up in Milwaukee,
Wisconsin & Glendale, Arizona. The struggles made her grow up fast, so
she’s developed into an old soul in her 20s.  This mature spirit is
manifested in her outlook on life, responsibility & her relationship with
others.  Holly hasn't found a Church in Thailand, but she reflects,
happiest time of my life was when I became a Christian when I was in
my teens. It really turned my life around and completely changed me as
a person. My home life was violent and chaotic. I pretty much took care of
myself and never knew of God prior to January 1st, 1997. The experience
I had was eye-opening, and the best thing that ever happened to me.”
She believes she’s here to help others.  On the other hand, Holly is wide
eyed, childlike & shy in many ways.  Though her parents have been
divorced for a long time, Holly still talks with her dad,
“…about once a
month. He lives in Wisconsin.”
 Because Holly moved around so much
as a youngster, one might think she was an Army Brat, but she wasn’t.  
Her father had been in the Navy, but that was before she was born.  She
mentions other family members,
“I have an older brother, Kerry Mann,
who is 26 and an older sister, Melissa who is 28. They both live in
Wisconsin. My brother has a two year old girl and his wife is due to have
triplets any day now! My sister also has a child, David, who is almost 6
years old."

One might wonder what her beliefs are now 10 years after she became
a Believer, Holly openly shares,
“I am a Christian, non-denominational.
I am accepting of people in every religion and have learned a lot from
several Buddhist friends in Thailand (here the people are 98%
Buddhist). I became a Christian when I was 14 years old, the only one in
the family. My life completely changed since then, and I am grateful for it
every day.”

Several people have held inspiration for Holly Mann.  She counts among
them:  Helen Keller, Rosa Parks & Jane Goodall.  She respects anyone
who goes after their dreams & inspires others to pursue theirs.

When asked how she overcomes her shyness, she says…
“I am still
working on that one! : ) lol. I’ve been pretty shy since I was a little kid, but
growing up I was in a few plays and did a lot of public speaking in school
and with the Rotary club. I feel really comfortable in small groups and
one-on-one, but still have a big fear of public speaking in front of large
crowds. I think many people have this fear!”

Holly did have some college, but never had the opportunity to finish.  
Holly Mann is mostly self-taught in her online businesses through about
5 years of trial & error.  If you pinned her down to one Internet marketing
coach that has made a real difference, she’d say, Mike Filsaime.  In fact,
as this bio is being written, Holly Mann, Josh & her mother flew from
Chiang Mai, Thailand to Singapore to attend her first “World Internet
Mega Summit,” at Mike’s suggestion. A while back, Mike had introduced
himself to Holly because he came across a website she had made
promoting Mike & his products & he liked the site.  When Mike had an
invitation to speak at the Internet Summit, he told Holly that she’s got to
come, since it’s only a 3 hour flight from her city in Thailand.  She
agreed.  So now, they’ve met in person.  The author of this article has
also met Mike & was happy to find how warm he is towards others.  He’s
making millions, but is keeping the common touch.  The writer of this bio
has also purchased “Carbon Copy Marketing,” & thinks it is a must have
for beginners because of it utilizes step by step videos teaching one how
to set up your Internet marketing business.  It’s similar to a Video
Professor instructional DVD.  You actually get to see what Mike Filsaime
does on his computer screen.  He explains everything while you’re
watching his computer monitor.  You then, copy what Mike does, thus the
name, “Carbon Copy Marketing.”  Holly had never been away from Josh,
so she only planned a trip for one day of the conference, but at the last
minute, her mom agreed to go & take care of Josh while Holly was at the
seminar.  Holly was able to enjoy the presentations with less worry.  It is
notable that Holly bought her mom’s & Josh’s airline tickets.  That’s just
one of the many perks of making money online.  

Holly has completely revised & updated her ebook; it is now called,
“Honest Riches 2008-  some call the new edition Honest Riches 3-  
Time Tested Techniques Anyone Can Use to Make Money Online.”  
Having sold over 30,000 copies with no signs of slowing down, the
author of this article asked Holly what she nets each month after her
$12,000 income, she answers,
“$11,000 approximately. I don’t pay for
advertising for any of my websites, but I buy a lot of software and stuff like
that for my websites.”

Curious what Holly Mann's business weaknesses might be?  She says,
“Managing so many different projects, task and contacts is something I
try to keep in balance at all times. Time and task management is tough if
you are working on your own. I have learned to out source what I can and
take care of the rest myself.”
 And what are Holly's strengths?  She
“I think a strength I have in my business is that I am personable
and try to help out my customers as much as I can.”
 One might add that
she has the ability to focus & see a project through to it’s completion,
even in the midst of great adversity, lack of money & the stress of being a
single mom.  Rather than dreaming of doing something, she’ll just do it,
put it out there, and then she’ll begin the refinements.  Often others are
not willing to risk making mistakes, so the fear a project not being
perfect delays their projects release till they have their power shut off due
to non payment.  Holly’s projects & websites are done the best she can
at the time, and then she’ll keep going back & tweaking this or that.  But
in the meantime, Holly Mann is making money on what she’s made
available to the public.  It does not have to be perfect at it’s release,
therefore the money comes sooner.

With all her willingness to give help to her clients, has it ever attracted
negative attention or Internet stalkers?  Holly states,
“Men have
approached me online through my websites occasionally. A few people
have asked me out or have been interested in me. But, the people who
have approached me in this way have always wanted me to personally
help them get started making money online. It’s obvious what the
motives are! For the most part, people are pretty friendly and
professional online.”

Curious if her income was steady or just a flash in the pan, the author
asked, “Will you make over $100,000 this year?”  Holly replied,

By Glen Woodfin with Holly Mann
Holly Beth Mann Biography
World map showing where Holly Mann lives in Chiang Mai, Thailand relative to the United States
Familiy portrait, left to right, Holly Mann's brother- Kerry Mann, Holly's mom- Elizabeth, Holly's sister- Melissa & stepfather- Bill Guiliani
Holly's brother, Kerry Mann, enjoying a fine meal.  Kerry loves playing Poker in Las Vegas
Holly Mann & comrade dressed in U.S. Army camoflage
Holly Mann on the tarmac at the airport in Baghdad, Iraq
Bob & Nanci Arvizu, eBay clients of Holly Mann from the early days
Holly Mann's son, Joshua Tyler Mann shown playing
Holly Mann pictured with her son, Johua Tyler Mann while he was a baby
Photograph of many colorful foods being prepared in Thailand
View of lake with the city of Chiang Mai, Thailand across the water.  It's so hot, one might want to be nude.
Holly Mann's first inexpensive apartment in Chiang Mai, Thailand where she lived while writing her first ebook
Image of Holly Mann's junk computer she bought for $250 at a computer parts store in Thailand.  She wrote her first ebook on this contraption
Breakthrough Money Making Secrets Revealed- an ebook by Holly Beth Mann
Holly Mann frequently makes friends with the Thai children near her apartment
Joshua Mann & his mother, Holly Mann, on the coast in Thailand while vacationing
Holly Mann shown 7 months pregnant with Josh Mann
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All Rights Reserved
Holly Mann's attractive new apartment after the success of her ebook
Image of Holly Mann's new Sony VAIO computer after the continued success of her ebook
Image of Honda Dream motorbike.  This is common transportation in Chiang Mai, Thailand
Holly Mann shows her pride & joy, her son, Joshua Mann
Holly Mann shows no fear as she allows a bright green snake around her shoulders
While travelling, Holly Beth Mann meets a Longneck Karen Hilltribe woman
Holly Mann takes a super small open air taxi in Thailand
Joshua Tyler Mann shows off an adult's sunglasses
Holly Mann spends hours a week stretching & practicing contortion.  Here she displays a dramatic backbend
Cute photo of the mother of Holly Mann, Liz Guiliani, and her grandson, Josh, returning from a motorbike ride.
Holly Mann finally meets her most influential online mentor, Mike Filsaime, at the World Internet Marketing Summit 2007 in Singapore
Holly Mann & Joshua Mann on vacation at the beach in Thailand.  Many boats are anchored behind them at sunset
Honest Riches 2 ebook
Holly & son, Josh Mann, make silly faces while they both have their facial masques applied
Holly Mann
Internet Marketing
Holly Mann Audio Interview-  31 Minutes on Her Story
Holly Mann  - the naked truth
Breakthrough Money Making Secrets Revealed by Holly Mann
Holly Mann's first eBook, "Breakthrough Money Making Secrets Revealed"
was less than 50 pages, but sold like hotcakes at less than $20
Holly updated her first edition in early 2007 and named it, "Honest Riches 2"
which features 95 pages and continues to sell well.
Honest Riches 3- Honest Riches 2008 - New Honest Riches - Honest Riches Latest Version - Honest Riches New Edition - revised by Holly Mann in 2008
Click HERE for Holly Mann's BRAND NEW Honest Riches 3 (2009).
Pictured on the cover is a red circle that says 20,000+ copies sold. The best Internet
business opportunity with honest work from home Internet marketing strategies. People
want honest work at home affiliate marketing ideas with little or no money or experience.
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Arriving in Thailand, Holly got a cheap apartment & bought a computer from used parts for
$250.  In 4 months, she was making more that $12,000 a month.  She has maintained that
income for 3 years.  Learn how Holly is a make money at home success story...

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Holly Mann wanted to be a work at home mom so she could be the one that raised her new
baby, instead of a daycare center.  She had some success at Internet marketing & decided to
share her ideas.  She sold everything she had including her computer so she & her baby
could move to Chiang Mai, Thailand where the cost of living was drastically lower.
Holly Beth Mann teaches thousands how to work from home using
an online business strategy called affiliate marketing.  Holly's ebook,
"Honest Riches 3," is the best beginner's guide to Internet marketing.
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Latest News on Holly:
Holly's parents moved back to the states after
volunteering their time for 1 1/2 years.

Holly Mann is now living near Las Vegas, NV.

Holly has been working feverishly on her new 2009
edition of her Honest Riches series.  Some may call
it Honest Riches 2009 or Honest Riches 3.  She
plans on having the book available in a hardcopy as
well through a printing company that does on
demand publishing.  That will be an option for those
that want a physical book to carry around.  This
latest edition of Honest Riches will be available
somewhere October 2009.  
Holly Mann's New House & Honest Riches 2012- in Her Own Words

Last weekend I was invited to Stephen Pierce's Unleash Your Marketing Genius (UYMG) event in Kuala
Lumpur, Malaysia. It was my first time away from Josh for a couple of days. The conference was UNREAL! I'm
dying to share all the details with you guys. I have OTHER NEWS TOO!!!!

I found my dream home. I was renting a one bedroom condo/apt for a long time in Thailand (which was
nice, but getting way too small with Josh and his toys and trains). SO, we MOVED two days ago. I'm living in a
beautiful community - about 10 minutes drive away from my old place. It is gated with 24 hr security which is
nice, a pool, restaurant, gym, etc. The most amazing thing is that we have a beautiful large fenced in yard
and a spacious modern house. It's amazing to me how everything worked out so smoothly - everything fell into

Has anyone ever created a DREAM BOARD? Or a vision board? It's a board that you put up - with all your
dreams on it - you can write on it, cut out pictures of your dream home, car, family, etc. and by seeing it
everyday it becomes real. Subconsciously, believing that you WILL or have already achieved those dreams
can make them come true so quickly. Well, I made one a few months ago and I took some pics off of it
yesterday. One was a pic of a soft green colored room, with a little kids bed against the wall, modern simple
furniture. I wrote in pen on it - JOSH'S ROOM. I took it out because the room he has now at our new house is
Nearly IDENTICAL to the pic I cut out. It was all furnished when we moved in - the house is brand new and the
owner lives far from here - she works in Bangkok and will not live here again (so hopefully I can buy it).  

Hope my story inspires you. You guys really are my family and I want everyone to achieve success online and
personally. I also wanted to tell you that VERY SOON I will be creating the final (BIG BIG FINALE -
RICHES 2012) Ebook. It will have so much more than the last versions and it will also be available in hard
cover or paperback for a couple dollars more. I'm also working on a big life-changing project with another
Internet marketer you know already - I'll let you know asap about that. Lastly, also will have an ebook for free
which will give you EVERY SINGLE RESOURCE - links and details about everything I use to create my income
online. Every program, product, etc.

Holly Mann
Holly Mann's new house
Holly Mann counts the money needed to start living in the new house
Holly's Mann's backyard garden
Holly Mann's Thai Realtors
Front of Holly Mann's new house
Holly Mann pays for new house
Holly Mann's new patio at new house
Holly Mann's new bath pic
Holly Mann's new bedroom
Flat Screen TV of Holly Mann
Another view of Holly Mann's luxurious pool
Breathtaking Holly Mann Swimming Pool
Inside Holly Mann's new house
A picture of Holly Mann's new living room
Holly Mann's Goldfish Pond
Huge Goldfish pond in Holly Mann's backyard
Holly Mann's New House in Thailand
Photo Gallery of Holly Mann's New Home
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