Holly Mann's mom, Elizabeth Giuliani, along with Josh Mann wearing motorcycle helmets
Liz Giuliani, the mother of Holly Mann
Holly Mann's mom, Liz with her grandson, Josh Mann
Holly's mom, Liz Giuliani, holding the hand of her grandson, Joshie Tyler Mann
Josh Mann with his grandmother, Holly Mann's mom.  Yes, she rides the Honda Dream motorcycle in Thailand
Mother of Holly Mann, Liz
Elizabeth Guiliani, Holly Mann's mom, gives most of her time to an orphanage in Thailand as a volunteer.  
Liz and her husband, Bill Giuliani, volunteered their time for 1 1/2 years, but moved back to the U.S. in January
of 2008.
Helping the Orphans              By Holly Mann

A few months ago my mom and my step-dad sold ALL of their belongings, quit their jobs and moved across the globe to live in
Mae Hong Son, northern Thailand. They are spending their days helping Burmese orphans at an orphange called OPC
(Opportunity for Poor Children). It is located in a small town near the Thai-Burmese border. The orphange houses more than 45
kids, ranging in age from 3 to 17.

OPC's mission in the community is to provide a safe haven for those in immediate need, those who have lost family members or
parents due to the war in Burma, those whose parents cannot care for them, etc. OPC is an orphanage which extends an open
arm to anyone in need; to promote children's rights and to prevent child trafficking and sexual violence. These children have
endured unbelievable harships at such young ages. What they need now is safety, food, shelter, love and an education.

Kham Chuen is the director of OPC - and has been running the orphanage and caring for the children since it opened up in
December of 2002. According to Liz Giuliani (my mom), "Kham Chuen is a man who gives everything he has to these children,
turning no one away."

Liz and Bill have been helping Kham Chuen and the children through teaching English, caregiving, providing funds and food. They
are also working on several projects to increase the quality of life for these little ones. The children are currently bathing in the river,
although they do have two showers setup in the facility. The showers are lacking hot water heaters, so they are not being used. As
January nears, it is increasingly important that the problem becomes solved because the weather is very cool in their mountain
village. It is difficult for the children to bathe in such cold weather and cold water, so some of them may choose not to bathe often.
The other problem at hand currently is that the generator is not fully functional. The children have no electricity at night and until the
generator is fixed, they are left in the dark - to sit in the pitch black for hours in the evening as time passes before it is bedtime.
*Please note, I will make another post will all of the current, up-to-date needs of the children; once I have spoken directly with Liz &

For those of you who may not know, Liz and Bill are not affiliated with or sponsored by any particular religious group or
organization. They are living there and relying on their savings account. They are not asking for any personal donations, but if you
have the heart or any spare money to donate to the children (DIRECTLY TO THE KIDS) - it will be forever appreciated. Each time
that my brother and I donate to the orphange - I receive an email and photos from Liz and Bill and sometimes Kham Chuen. If you
decide to donate - even $5 USD, you will be contacted personally and you will be informed about exactly where that money went,
and how it helped the kids. I find it amazing to see the actual photos with the looks on the kids faces, after donating. *Please see
the Donations & Needs page for new photos and details about recent donations and how they have helped.*
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