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Holly Mann home page
Bob and Nanci Arvizu, one of Holly Mann's first eBay customers before she wrote her first ebook
Nanci Arvizu with her husband, Bob.  Nanci purchased a website template that Holly Mann had made
lead generation in home mortgage lending.  This purchase was made on eBay and was before
Holly Mann had even written her first ebook.
Holly Mann Home
While Corresponding with Nanci, She Said
This about Holly...

Holly created a real estate site for me "way back". My
partner then had found her on eBay, and I think Holly
created a site for her too. I will ask (our partnership
has since ended, but we still work for the same

Holly is the one who opened my eyes to other ways of
making money online. While she was creating my site,
she was still in the research & development stage of
most of her projects. She has come a very long way
since then.

I've not kept as dedicated to what she teaches. I
slowed down doing the real estate side of the business
and turned to doing more of the mortgage side, then to
the processing of the loans, and will do some article
writing for our company here and there. Now that I've
moved to AZ, my "job" is to get my brokers license here
so our company can be "tri-state" (AZ, CA and Nevada).

I don't plan on actually doing loans or selling real
estate, instead I'll be the broker for other agents to
have their licenses here. And of course to start working
more on promoting my other ventures - Ameriplan
(direct sales of discount health benefits) which I started
doing about 4 months before this move and have proven
to be a fairly easy thing to sell and recruit for. I also need
to update/upgrade my other sites that I use as affiliate
marketing - including my site for Holly!

Back to Holly. Working with her was always a pleasure,
even though she was already on the other side of the
world in a different time zone. I would just be getting
done with my day, and hers would just be starting. She
always responded quickly and "to the point" when I had
a question or request for the site. I felt the site was
very well done, had lots of info, and was simple in
graphics - something I sometimes think Realtors don't
understand. When I look at Realtor sites, I really
don't care to see photos of them, their families, etc -
they only slow down the loading of the site. I like
"uniformity" and simple design, and Holly understood
that. She educated me as to "content", SEO, key words.
She even sent me a copy of her first book, for free. I
still have it and during the move came across the hard
copy I had printed out. She did an excellent job on it,
and again, it made me realize how writing an online
book can be profitable in so many ways, and for some
time to come - the links that are live when it's on
your computer are affiliate links - cha-ching! Great
I haven't visited her forum in awhile, and will get by
there when I get more time. Do you visit there? I
wonder how it's progressed and grown. If it's like any
of Holly's other projects, I'm sure it's a success -
helping people chase their dreams while offering
positive advice in a comfortable setting.
I'm so proud of Holly! And impressed. To move like she
did, to another country, with a small child, no money,
all by herself; either she's very brave or just plain
Your site is very good - lots of great info on Holly.
She really is an amazing person and an awesome
inspiration to anyone trying to do what she's actually doing.
Chasing her dreams, and changing her life! If only more
people on this planet were like her!!

I hope this helps with your site. Good luck and keep me

Enjoy Nanci's  equestrian website:
Nanci Arvizu with Her Horse Romeo, the friend and customer of Holly Mann's
Nanci Arvizu & her Romeo
A Quote from Nanci Arvizu's Blog about Meeting
Holly Mann after Buying One of Holly's Website
Templates on eBay

I met Holly about 2 years ago. At the time, I needed a website
built for my Mortgage business. I was, and still am, an
Independent Loan Officer, meaning I worked for a small, local
broker and it was up to me to find my own clients.
Knowing that the Internet is where most people start their
search for Real Estate, I also knew that I needed a
professional site. I found Holly through e-bay. She was selling
her services as a site builder.

She did such an excellent job for me. I was impressed right
away with her professionalism and her personal touch – she
actually takes the time to get to know you, which makes you
feel more comfortable which helps so much when you are
trying to talk about something you don’t know a lot about,
which at the time for me was building a website.

During that time, Holly talked about the Internet business she
was building and gave me a copy of what must have been a
first run of her e-book, Breakthrough Money Making Secrets
Revealed. I was interested so I downloaded it, read it, and
even tried a little to see how it all worked.